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We believe that women’s healthcare should be easy. The goal of FemTec Health is to use science and technology to transform the total healthcare experience for every woman, at every stage of her life journey, based on her unique needs.

Underpinned by the Microbiome

The microbiome is unique to every individual. When we understand this internal "fingerprint," we can then customize services and products to each woman through biometrics, genomics, and AI.

Powered by BiomeAI

When armed with scientific insights, women can reclaim ownership of their healthcare, choosing the products and services that are right for their bodies.

BiomeAI™ is our patent-pending platform that spans all therapeutic areas: specialty care, wellness and prevention, reproductive care, sexual wellness, mental health and chronic care.

It begins with holistic data to formulate an individual healthcare profile. This includes both static information (like medical history and diagnoses) and dynamic data (like menstrual cycles and psychosocial elements.) Then smart technology, like AI and predictive analytics, can synthesize this data and provide a personalized action plan, tailored to each woman.

Our aim is to not only treat, but also identify the exact agents responsible for certain health issues, ushering in a true breakthrough in preventive healthcare.


We partner with employer groups to offer women’s health empowerment programs to eligible employees. Participation may include premium products and access to tailored services, either covered out of pocket or through an employer-sponsored package.

When women have ownership of their healthcare, employers can expect:

  • Reduced costs of chronic disease
  • Better employee health
  • Decreased workplace absenteeism


A monthly subscription service includes premium health and wellness products, plus access to tailored services, either covered out of pocket, or reimbursed by the employer.

Offerings include proprietary, evidence-based natural products, Rx solutions, and comprehensive women’s health and wellness services.

How we’re doing it

A trusted destination with a comprehensive product and service offering focused on the whole woman


Our subscriber community of 300,000+ beauty fans


Our soon-to-launch D2C brand of holistic, science-based health products and services


Our technology for personalization, based on AI and machine learning for e-commerce


A clinical communications platform to serve women living with chronic disease